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I didn't think I had the level, fortunately, the sessions are flexible! I recommend it, perfect to progress

Indispensable, many ideas. I take exercises from it and combine them with weight training sessions. Very effective and very stimulating

I have read several Oscar Mike Tactical books but this one is the best in my opinion. It is impossible to do the same sessions twice. Each session is worked on and you can feel it

A super complete book, trainings that can be done even with a low level and especially without equipment. Perfect, thanks OMT

Really very complete, not disappointed with my purchase. Go for it!

Well written, content illustrated with beautiful images. Very complete sessions

You absolutely must follow these sessions! Excellent for varying your routine

Workouts I'd never done before. Useful, I recommend with my eyes closed

I love it! Really complete, after a pity that for some sessions there are necessary materials, but it can be done without
I recommend

Excellent book to get back in shape. Bought it a day ago and it looks promising. I'll have to see how far it will take me in the future!

A very educational guide, very informative info that I didn't know before. Thank you for this book

The tests at the end of each week are great! I recommend it!

Excellent program. I'm glad I trusted them, I feel like I'm really progressing


I didn't expect the sessions to be so full. As good as in my crossfit box, thank you!

Complete book that addresses all aspects of self defense

Good fighting sessions. Useful scenarios to prepare. Perfect, thank you

I just finished the first week and I can assure you that you will suffer! A very complete and well constructed program. Thank you!

Well constructed, I recommend.

being a fairly experienced sportsman I find the proposed sessions really nice! The notion of surpassing oneself is very present...

I will judge this ebook in terms of effectiveness. I found the variation and multitude of exercises very interesting, I never got bored! I did absolutely all the exercises in the book and it was really complete in terms of cardio, strength and power.
I highly recommend the book. Thanks to the OMT Team.

Original and really complete. This book covers all aspects of physical preparation

This book helped me a lot, thank you.

Good reasoning. Realistic and well-chosen words. Complete training program.

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