The new HAIX SCHUHE combat shoe

The new rangers of the French Army : A must in its class

The venerable Rangers had its day! Today, the new HAIX combat shoe is a modern product that rivals the best shoes available to today's action professionals without any difficulty.

As planned, the Centre d'expertise du soutien du combattant et des forces (CESCOF) has taken delivery of the first 30,000 pairs of Centre Europe combat shoes since the end of November, out of the 180,000 ordered, in order to continue the Army's plan to upgrade individual infantryman equipment.

This shoe is the result of cooperation between manufacturers, CESCOF technicians and the army's testing services (STAT - Army Technical Section, CEAM - Mont-de-Marsan Air Test Center).

It has also benefited from feedback from soldiers recently deployed in OPEX, as well as from studies of the models used by NATO armies. The various prototypes were tested in the worst possible conditions of use, both in specialized laboratories and in the field.

The HAIX SCHUHE CE combat shoe completely revisits the Rangers!

Compatible with the FELINĀ® weapon system and TAP missions, robust but light and comfortable, adapted to long-duration marches on a wide variety of action terrains and under different climatic factors, the CC CE was ranked 1st by the legionnaires of the 2nd REP in Calvi out of the six models tested in the tender.

Totally designed for the combatant in the context of his multiple missions, the French army's new combat shoe combines the best of available technologies.


Manufacturer: HAIX SCHUHE
tests : three months in all conditions of use, intensively
ranking: top of the six models tested for all criteria: shoe-comfort, sole quality, suitability for
quality of the sole, suitability for the missions, robustness, aesthetics
construction : welded
upper : mixed brown nubuck 2.2-2.4 mm/corduraĀ© HT
lacing: closed hooks, including a pair of self-locking ones on the instep
Lining : Gore-TexĀ© Pearl (highly breathable laminate)
Weight : 1,650 Kg size 42
sole : VibramĀ© (PU/rubber)
Inside/outside height: 155/195 mm
Shoe breathability: 3.20 g/h
Thermal range of use: -5Ā°/+30Ā°C