Military Training at Home

How to train like a military man at home?

"I don't have any equipment but I want to train like a soldier"
Not all of us have sports equipment at our disposal. You're probably not in the military yet, so you don't have access to a combat course.

And that's perfectly understandable. That's why we have put together for you the main components of a good military training to do at home.

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Thou shalt develop thy power

A soldier must be powerful. Do not ignore this point. You've probably already seen the military's equipment. Rangers on their feet, bulletproof vests on their backs, helmets on their heads, guns around their necks, and sometimes backpacks too!

You can imagine that with this equipment, they are not going to sit still... No. They will have to accomplish their mission, respect deadlines and time barriers, face weather conditions, etc. For them, this is not a game, because stress can be added to all these constraints.

In order to maintain their full capabilities, despite the extra load they have to carry, the military must develop their strength and resistance.

To familiarize you with what to expect if you choose to join the military, we offer a variety of exercises.

Beginner level: In order to familiarize yourself with the weight load that every soldier carries, you can start by choosing a good backpack that will act as a bulletproof vest.

This bag, you will weight it with an intermediate load (5 to 10 kg). The exercise for you will be to walk on a more or less steep terrain for 1h30 continuously. This goes without saying, but be sure to bring plenty of water. You can do this walk once or twice a week until you are comfortable.

Intermediate level: same exercise. A good backpack and a rather heavy load this time (10 kg at least). At the end of your 1.5 hour walk, you will follow up with this complete workout:

- Pull-ups (1 x 25)

- Push-ups (1 x 30)

- Squats (1 x 35)

- Abs (1 x 40)

- Jumping Jacks (1 x 45)

All of this should be done as quickly as possible. A workout like this should only be done once or twice a week.

Advanced Level: This time your "ride" will get longer. On the same basis of your 1 hour 30 minute circuit, we will add two additional difficulties. The first one, your tour will have to be done while jogging. The second; every half hour, you will perform :

- Push-ups x 20

- Abs x 30

- Squats x 40

For this exercise, since you have to run, take some weight out of your bag, 5 kg will be enough. The goal is to progress, not to injure yourself prematurely.

Thou shalt work on thy mind

No, you don't have access to the comfort of an air-conditioned gym. But in the field, neither do soldiers. In OPEX (external military operation), soldiers face weather conditions whatever the mission: storm, storm, arctic cold, heat wave...

Do you see what we're getting at? Take advantage of your outdoor experience to prepare yourself for these often extreme conditions. Once committed, you will understand with hindsight that your little childhood forest was very comfortable.

It is thanks to your mind that you will succeed in getting through these trials. Your ability to keep fighting, even when everything pushes you back. To work on your mind, we suggest different exercises that you can adapt in complete safety.

In the forest, go for a day and a night in complete autonomy. Recognize the route beforehand or learn to use a topographic map. If the weather forecast calls for rain, lots of sun or snow, plan ahead in terms of equipment, but don't back out.

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If you have access to the sea or ocean, forget the pool. The military, when they intervene in the aquatic environment, do not dive in water at 27 Ā°. Nevertheless, don't take unnecessary risks, just swim in any season, it will be enough.

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For city dwellers as well as country people, try rock climbing! Go to a bouldering gym, or just get a bit of height with some committed accro-branche or via ferrata courses. This kind of activity will work on a whole bunch of skills that are very useful for your future commitment.

Military Training in Summary

We have come to the end of our article. We have discussed different aspects of military training to be done at home. You have noticed that the range of possibilities is very wide. We have written these different sessions to show you that getting out of your comfort zone is necessary to progress.